Welcome to the Panama City Seventh-day Adventist Church and School in Panama City, FL. We are a Christian Protestant Church. Meaning we believe in Scripture alone, Salvation through Grace alone by Faith alone. Jesus is preached and uplifted at every service and event. We would love to have you drop in, and check out our family. To learn more about what we believe you can visit our About Us page. Please join us for Bible study, worship, and prayer.

Join Us This Sabbath (Saturday). The true day of worship as declared by God.


Service times:

  • Sabbath School: 9:30-10:25 a.m.
  • Mission Time: 10:40-11:00 a.m.
  • Worship Service: 10:45 a.m.
  • Hispanic Worship Service:
    • Escuela Sabática: 9:00-10:00 a.m.
    • Culto Divino: 10:00-10:40 a.m.
  • ----located left of the school entrance (school and church share parking lot.)




---19 9:30-10:30 a.m. Testimony Breakfast

---19 10:45-11:30 a.m. Exercise & Stretch session. All in Fellowship Hall.



---29 Yard Sale 7 a.m.

Do not, as of this moment, bring your items to the Church. Check back for dates and times when you may bring your donations.


---7 Yard Sale 7 a.m.
---20-27 Thunder in the Holy Land Evangelistic Meeting with Nathan Renner.

  • Small Bible study groups before the meeting series, starting Aug. 12 thru Oct. 14.
  • 1 evening a week in a home, (Tue. Wed. or Thur.) with already eight homes from which to choose.
  • This the ground work for better understanding the series, and make a friend, or two.
  • For info contact: 916-832-8693 or remnantjay@gmail.com


August 15, 2018 7:00 PM
August 16, 2018 6:30 PM
Title: Enemy at the Gate
August 17, 2018 7:00 PM
August 18, 2018 9:15 AM
August 18, 2018 11:00 AM
Join us as our team of women's ministry leaders organize our service to promote awareness of ministry opportunities to all our women. Our guest speaker is Cynthia Bush the Women's Ministry Director of the Gulf-States Conference!
August 18, 2018 11:00 AM
August 18, 2018 6:00 PM
August 19, 2018 9:30 AM
Join our Women's Ministry and Men's Ministry morning breakfast!
August 19, 2018 10:30 PM
Women join the women's meeting and hear the amazing testimony of how a woman encountered Jesus in her life. Men join the men's meeting and hear a remarkable story of a man experiencing life transformation after accepting Jesus!
August 20, 2018 6:00 PM


Contact Info


2700 Lisenby Avenue
Panama City, Florida 32405
Phone: Church (850)785-7831
         School (850)769-3405



Pastor Jay Rosario

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Email: remnantjay@gmail.com

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Lighthouse Fellowship in Port St. Joe at 2950 U.S. Hwy 98

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  • contact Ty @ 205-541-3297-or-ppty91997@gmail.com for information.

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