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February 16th-18th is a Camp Out.

Adventurers is for children from age 4 to 4th grade.
Adventurers is a ministry that teaches children aged 4 years old to 4th grade about themselves, their family, their world and about Jesus.

As part of the Sonshine Kidz Club, we ask each parent, or adult working/helping with Adventurers, to complete the Verified Volunteers program to enable you to be volunteers in our club with the children. Here is the link to get started:
You will need to create a profile. When it asks you Union- Southern, when it asks you conference- Gulf States. Please let me-Jessica  Nazarenus-know if you have any questions or difficulties. Please print out the certificate upon completion and bring it to us. 

Adventurers meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:30pm, in the church.

To keep updated on the latest happenings use one of the Facebook links below.

To contact the leaders click on Email below. Clicking on Email ought to pop up the email service you use. Click on your service, it will take you to your service, wait a few moments for your compose page to load, then type your question.

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information please use Email or phone numbers on card above.

Click here; For more information on Adventurers on the national level.