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Health Evangelism Seminar will be given by Rico Hill called "Great Health Controversy."
April 20-approx. 7 p.m., April 21-beginning at 9:30 a.m. breaking for lunch before continuing during the afternoon, and April 22-morning approx. 10 a.m..
Leading up to this seminar there will be small group studies.
Contact Ty at 205-541-3297, or for more information.

Rico Hill, health evangelist, au­thor, and host of 3ABN’s health pro­gram, “From Sickness to Health”, will be a guest speaker at the Panama City Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The seminar is titled “The Great Health Controversy,” and presenta­tions reveal how the war over our spiritual health is inextricably linked to our physical health. Irrefutable evidence from the Bible, current medical research, and a plethora of news videos and scientific evidence are combined to complete these eye- popping presentations, and reveal what’s really going on behind the scenes with the food and health in­dustries.

The Great Health Controversy helps rally and galvanize churches in preparation for health outreach. Through six exciting, eye-opening presentations, individuals will learn the role health plays in the Great Controversy. The rise in disease and sickness is evidence of this intensifying warfare. This weekend shows you how to position yourself on the winning side. Utilizing the principles of the Bible and current, scientific studies, you will learn how to transition from sickness to health and develop a deeper understanding of Christ Jesus… who is prominently placed at the center of the health message.
Six dynamic presentations are covered in three days during this transformative weekend.  The first session begins on Friday evening, continues Sabbath morning for divine service, and the Sabbath is brought to a close with a dynamic presentation that breaks the Great Health Controversy down to its simplest terms. The weekend ends on Sunday with a presentation and demonstration of disease-fighting nutrition, designed to provide practical information church members can use effectively to reach their community.  Topics include: When Animals Begin to Speak and 10 Steps Ahead: The Evidence.
Bio for Rico Hill

Since Net ’96 with Mark Finley, where Elder Rico Hill gave his heart to Jesus, he has been busy for the Lord. As an executive in the entertainment industry, Hill had progressed from writing movie scripts and producing TV programs for children through Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Network to being Vice President of Programming at Turner Broadcasting. He left a successful secular career behind to answer the Lord’s call. While in Los Angeles working in television, he became active in almost every aspect of Adventist church life: door-to-door ministry, street ministry, health and temperance, church elder and young adult ministry. Now a health evangelist, author and host of Dare to Dream network’s From Sickness to Health, Hill travels the nation, sharing the gospel, an emphasis on hope, health and healing. As speaker/director of Beehive Ministry, he is training churches and working with other medical missionaries to finish the work in the cities. Hill’s teaching method is simple: Exalt the lovely Jesus through His word, so that He may be seen, heard, understood and appreciated.