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Panama City Florida Disaster Preparedness

In Panama City we live along the Florida Gulf Coast and while other Natural Disasters are possible our biggest and most likely threat will come from Hurricanes,Tropical Storms and Tornadoes. Each family is advised to put together a 72 Hour Evacuation Kit for each family member, as detailed by the North American Division Disaster Relief Program, at the link Below:

72 Hour Evacuation Kit: Click here


Adventist Community Services Disaster Response (ACS-DR)

Church Members interested in participating in Disaster Response activities are required to have basic training in the major areas of Disaster Response. Each member is encouraged to read the online training provided at the links below. Church members who will work with ACS-DR in a declared Emergency or Disaster Area will need to pass a written exam and have an official certified ACS-DR Photo ID, issued by the Gulf States Conference Disaster Response Director, Ray Elsberry. For ID Badges please contact Pastor Ray Elsberry at (205) 648-3806 or Deputy Director Tommy Warren (251) 422-5781.

Online Training

To ensure proper training and to help speed up the certification process the following training is now available online. The Panama City ACD-DR Coordinator is currently working with the Gulf States Conference DR Director's staff to obtain testing materials and a truncated onsite certification review for those folks who have completed the review of the materials presented at the links below:

1. For ACS DR Training Manual, Introduction to Disaster Preparedness Click on this line.

For Powerpoint Slides Click on this line

For Highly Recommended Traning Video

2. For ACS National Plan Click on this Line


Consider Taking Each Course Listed Below Online

Though there are 198 courses online at the FEMA website, the courses listed below are the only courses you need.
The FEMA looks worse then reality. To get to the courses; click on IS course list.

Recommended Free Online FEMA Training (optional):

First you must get a Student Independent Study ID at this link:
Then take the following courses:
IS-100b Introduction to Incident Command System
IS-288.a   The Role of Voluntary Organizations in Emergency Management
IS-324.a   Community Hurricane Preparedness
IS-700.a   National Incident Management System
IS-800.b   National Response Framework, An Introduction

Local Adventist Community Services FAQ's & Community Services Reporting Forms: