Panama City Seventh-day Adventist Church

Special Prayer

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Praise Reports Prayer  Requests
Lois Scott (Nursing home, Glen Cove Rm 104)
Betty Cavanaugh and Richard Cavanaugh
Grace Helms (nursing home  - 231/Transmitter Rd)
Jean Parchment(serious health issues/cancer)
 Charlotte Davis
Carol Nelson
Gayle and Annette Lasher
Marie Anapoly
Val Roye
Libby and Bud Davis (health)
Dick Cavanaugh
Richard Parrish (renal cancer)
James Kirby (renal issues )
Mildred Newton (St. Andrews Nur Hm recov. surg)
Tommy Heikiken( pancreatic tumor)
Matt Kuciauskas
Andy Dinkins (& Family) (multiple health issues)
Wanda Prater (Cancer-at home from hosp.)
Jim and Dean Seagle (undergoing treatment)
Sheila  Mathis  (Praise Report –doing much better)
Leslie Lugo
Connie Thompson
Virginia Barron  (broken hip – Glen Cove Rm 105)
Marliene Woodall (Sam’s mother)
                      Brenda Small (cancer)
                      Velma Farmer ( hip and knee problems)
                      Tiffany Price